World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) Nigeria Country Office

 in collaboration with

 Abuja Angel Network (AAN)


 Building an Investment-Attractive Start-up 

 Startups generally struggle to secure funding from investors; with some pitching multiple times before securing their first investments, if at all. With the current global pandemic and its many manifested and other likely ill effects, it could be even more challenging for the startups.

 This course is specially curated to support entrepreneurs better position their startups to attract investments.

 Who Should Attend

 All entrepreneurs who want to:

  1.  start ventures
  2. learn more about methods that they can apply to improve their startups
  3. raise funds


Time frame

Total Duration: 16 hours

Commencement: July 27th, 2020

Conclusion Week: August 28th, 2020

Times: 2 – 3 days per week over 3 weeks

Delivery: Virtual (Zoom)


What will the “Investment Readiness” workshop cover?

 Part 1 – 120 mins

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Startup toolbox
  • Overview of the funding process
  • Sources of funding
  • The pros and cons – Angels, Venture Capitalists, Crowdfunding, Accelerators

 9 Investment Readiness Levels:

Part 2 – 120 mins

  • First-step Business Model Canvas
  • Market Size/Competitive Analysis
  • Problem/Solution Fit

 Part 3 – 120 mins

  • Prototype Low-fidelity MVP
  • Product/Market Fit
  • Validate Revenue Model (right side of canvas)

 Part 4 – 120 mins

  • Prototype High-fidelity MVP
  • Validate Value Delivery (left side of canvas)
  • Identify and validate metrics that matter

 Pitch Deck Structure:

Part 5 – 120 min

  • Building a professional and compelling pitch deck
  • Understanding what investors want to see
  • The key elements to include; slide by slide


 Maryam Najafi

Founder, Portanova Solutions & Fmr Executive Manager, Karaya Angel Investors, Iran Head, Global Mentorship Department of WBAF Business School

Vice President, WBAF Global Startup Leaders Committee

 Maryam Najafi is a business designer and developer. She is an active player in the Iranian startup ecosystem and strongly believes that entrepreneurs are the fuel of economic and social growth in all countries. She found angel investment a very powerful platform to foster entrepreneurship and support startups. As the first executive manager of Karaya Angel Investors, she built up all requirements of creating an angel investor group, which led to the formation of the biggest angel network in Iran. To follow her vision, she co-founded Hoomaan Institute, which delivers management consultancy services and aims to help startups and SMEs achieve their goals. She is an energetic fighter and believes that “there is no dead end, there is always a solution”. This attitude leads to acceptance of new business challenges. She is the Business Development Advisor of Kaarmaan, Iran’s first business club. She’s building a vibrant community of professionals, entrepreneurs, traders and investors in Kaarmaan, as she did in Karaya. She is also the member of advisory boards in some Iranian VCs and CVCs. She is an EFQM (European foundation for quality management) prize assessor in Iran, which is held by Institute of productivity and Human Resource development. As her social responsibility, she dedicates 4 hours a week to mentoring or evaluating startups as a pro bono activity. She is providing mentorship to all startups who approach her, not only Iranian ones and, she enjoys helping business owners achieve their visions and making this world a better place. She is also Iran’s WBAF Senator and Vice President in the Global Startups Committee of the Grand Assembly and the Head of Global Mentorship Department.


Resource Persons

Baybars Altuntas

(Chairman, World Business Angels Investment Forum)

Special Guest Speaker Select AAN Members

Representatives of select Incubators/Accelerators Featured Entrepreneur



Apply by completing the form here Deadline to receive applications is July 23rd, 2020

Only thirty (30) spots available



Forty Thousand Naira (N40,000)/One Hundred United States Dollars ($100) only (N5,000 or $15 off for successful applications received by July 15th, 2020)